Euro-Milan Distributing

Euro-Milan Distributing

Euro-Milan Distributing

Address: 672 Dupont Street, Suite 202,
Toronto, ON, M6G 1Z6, Canada
Phone: (416) 535-6553
Fax: (416) 535-3843
For more than 47 years, Faema Canada has introduced espresso and cappuccino to Canadians.

Faema Canada has strived to be the leader in distributing quality espresso and cappuccino equipment for restaurants, cafes, hotels, offices and for home use. Through product knowledge gained in the field and specially selected espresso/cappuccino equipment (fully automated at a touch of a button or traditional machines), Faema Canada has the equipment to meet your operational needs or personal tastes.

In fact, you can test the equipment prior to purchase in our state of the art testing lab. Furthermore, and to demonstrate our commitment to our customers, you can also train (hands on) in our state of the art cafe built right in our premises to assimilate a true European Cafe and experience.

Faema Canada invites you to visit one of the largest showrooms in North America for espresso/cappuccino and cafe equipment. With a fabulous showroom of past and present machines, a visit to the Faema showroom and offices is worth the time. Located in what was originally the Ford assembly plant, the building has been fabulously redesigned incorporating many of the original architectural features.

See our contact page for details on how to find our exceptional office/showroom/cafe facilities and be sure to take a virtual tour via our website!

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